About me!


I've been loving iOS development since the first time I encountered it, around 2020. Starting from the self-taught tutorial-hell journey, I managed to get a position as an iOS developer at Mercado Libre and never looked back.

I've achieved a couple of promotions, learned to navigate the corporate world, and now I’m serving as a Senior Engineer for their Payment Experience team, where we are building LATAM’s biggest payment platform.

Real deal

While UIKit is my professional jam, I massively enjoy SwiftUI and I'm building many stealth apps that will (hopefully!) be releasing this year.

Inspired by my favorite content creators and in my deep passion of mentoring, I started creating this blog and having tons of joy with it! Hopefully you find new insights, perspectives or solution to some problem here!


I also enjoy helping projects on freelancing gigs from time to time! I'm open to proposals on Upwork, or just contact me on my socials!

For any questions, comments, or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out: connect with me any of the social links below, or drop me an e-mail at marcos@varanios.com. Thank you for reading! 🥰